Brian Gordon

Brian is the Labour councillor for the North East ward of Dundee City Council.


North East ward councillor Brian Gordon has condemned the behaviour of those setting fire deliberately to wheelie bins in their vicinity as " mindless, irresponsible and anti-social"

He was speaking following recent events in the North East ward, including one in recent weeks where a Eurobin in Hebrides Drive, situated at the rear of a petrol station, was deliberately set alight.

He said,

"It would only have required a gust of wind to have blown the flames across the fence in the direction of the petrol pumps, and I shudder to think what the consequences would have been.

" The outcome could have been catastrophic.

"People are understandably fearful.

" Recently there have been several incidents and people are serioulsy concerned that it may be only a matter of time before there is another big fire in the area.

"This mindless, irresponsible, anti-social behaviour has to stop for the good of the community, its people and their families."


The North East ward includes



Mill o'Mains


Barns of Claverhouse

Emmock Woods



Fithie Bank


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